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Love Your Bag


  Alexa Jay is all about the colour!

We love vibrant bright colours and think wearing them shouldn't be just on special occasions or weekends but every day!

That's why we would go to any lengths to source the colours we envision for our collections.

We mainly use 2 types of leather -  highest quality natural vegetable tanned leather and split leather.

Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather

is normally dyed using natural ingredients, like colour pigments from flowers etc. 

As it is the most natural form of leather, just like looking after your own skin, it requires regular cleaning, moisturising and protective treatment from the outside elements.

Recommended products:

Leather cleaner, transparent wax, protective/water-resistant treatment.

Always use a soft woolen cloth.


      Natural Split Leather        

is normally dyed using an artificial layer sprayed on top of the natural skin. This type of leather has an even matt or glossy (patent) look and doesn't require any regular treatment.

It might have a less natural look and feel but it is a perfect stiffness for structured bags, comes in a huge variaty of colours.

Also, it's completely water resistant.


Flirtatiously colourful handbags for a life less ordinary...


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